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Angélique Kidjo was one of my favorite singers in 2010. She records in France, but is one of the few true african singers.

How I found herBearbeiten

I stayed with my aunt Kathleen in the town, where she lives. We watched Ghana vs. something, so soccer, and after Ghana lost (I think they did in that match), she showed me "Logozo" by Angélique, so some african music. You soon like the first song "Batonga" and after listening to the album a few times, I became pretty fond of it. So when I left, I borrowed, the CD from Kathleen. We listened to it, when we´re on Holiday in Beliga, often. In Beliga, I coppied the CD, with my father´s computer, so I had the songs on a CD, I wouldn´t have to give back. Than back at home, I, of course, downloaded the songs from the CD, so I had them in iTunes. But unfortunaly we had also taken Kathleen´s CD with us, which we supposed to give to grandma Jane, so she could give it to Kathleen.. well, we gave it to Jane, when my younger younger brother had his first day in school, and she visited.


Music StyleBearbeiten

The internet calls it pop, but it isn´t really in my opinion. Well, some of her songs are covers of traditional african ones, but the rest is a mix of pop and dance and africain pop... well, I used to like it a lot! I hope my future self does so!


Any song I knew of her in 2010, was about war and piece, and that the people of Africa should come together, to create a better world. The only exception I know is "Batonga", which is the lead single of the album "Logozo". All songs sound happy, but like 80% aren´t at all, from the text.


I only know the video of "Batonga", as Angelique wasn´t like the most succsessfull artist of the early 90´s, I couldn´t find many other. (Animated) figures with strange coulerful heads and clothes dance, always in the row and sometimes you see Angelique´s face in front of them, singing. She seems to be very proud of her africain origin.


She has good a very good, powerfull voice and as far as I can hear, through live versions of her songs, she really can sing. Her voice is a little hoarse, which fits pretty good to her music...


I´ve only seen some pictures of her. On the "Logozo" - Album cover, she wears a thin white suit, with black stripes. Later some skirt and a top. So, on other pictures, she wears traditional africain clothes or for the 90´s normal chic clothes. I find her style ok.



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