I´ve been a fan of the canadian pop-singer since about 2006 / 2007. She´s really changed over the years, but I still adore her somhow. She´s making really good music, even if she´s often critized.

How I found herBearbeiten

I really don´t remember, it´s like I´ve always liked her... well, I guess it started somehow with some of her songs I was fond of (Complicated; [[Happy Ending|Happy
Ending]]). Than our nanny Belle gave me copy of the "Let Go" - CD (Happened arround2008), which I really liked. On Christmas 2008 or so, I also got the "Best Damn Thing" - CD. I´ve stayed a true Avril Lavigne fan, allthough she has dissopointed me many times: At first she has changed a lot in her style, her "Best Damn Thing" stuff is more arrogant and flossy, second she and her husband divorced (It´s not only that I feel sorry for them, or that he reminds me of my ex-boyfriend), but because of that, she´s not coming forward with her new CD, which we have already waited 2,5 years...


Music StyleBearbeiten

I like Avril´s pop rock music style, it´s not easy to copy and fits to her. I like her style, allthough it seems sometimes quite simple...


Avril´s text is often pretty cheeky and insubordiante, which is just her style or the one of her writers. As far as I know is she only partly writing her songs herself and sometimes even only pretending to fo so. She´s also quite often blamed for copying texts or just taking them, without permision from the writers...


I like Avril´s videos only partly. Her older stuff is nice, but pretty one-sided, always a little dark, but lively. Her "Best Damn Thing" stuff is mixed with more pink, more arrogance, I don´t like it much...


I like Avril´s voice, she´s very talented. Her voice is clear and high, she´s not bad, even live.


I don´t like all of her style, it fits to her, but not to anyone else and surely is nothing, you should wear in the streets. It was used to be red and black, a little punk or emo like. No the mix is mostly pink and black, which makes Avril a little more feminine.



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1 Alice Underground
2 I Don´t Give
3 Make Up
4 Runaway
5 Innocence
6 My Happy Ending
7 When You´re Gone
8 Anything But Ordinary

Nobody´s Home

10 Who Knows