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Bravo Junior is more a collection of pictures, been cut out of Bravo magazines, than a magazine it self. The pictures are mostly not sorted and show stars or small articels about them. There are two books.

Book 1Bearbeiten


It´s a normal sized book, with only lines in it. On the cover there are dragons, in chinese style. On the front there´s a W.I.T.C.H. sticker, showing Hay Lin and an alien.


The first pages are full with unsorted pictures, partly cut out of the album, again. With blue ink, I wrote comments in 2008 to nearly every pictures. For example, my new opinion of Rihanna, there I wrote things like: "You´re not cool! Please, go back to normal! This is embarrissing!" I also draw over some pictures, so doing the eyebrows again or giving them exaggerated eye liner or lipstick. Somewhere in the middle, some pictures are sorted. There is always the name of a star, a few pictures and information taken out of the original Bravo.

There are "articels" about...

After that, there´s a collection of jokes, taken out from the Bravo. Then comes a nother unsorted collection of pictures, also partly painted over. At the end there are few sites with e-mail adresses of people, who want to get in contac with people, who like the same stars. Then a few little articels of sepecific songs and movies. And than a collection of adresses for fanpost. At the very end there are 3 sites with more chaos of pictures.

Book 2Bearbeiten


The second "Bravo Junior" has a thicker outside, than the first one. At the frond there´s a picture of "The little Prince" on his planet, the back is full of yellow stars.


On nearly every site something has been cut or ripped out. Mostly faces of the stars in the pictures. There´s nothing drawn over the left pictures and no comments on them or on the side. At some parts, you can see, that the book was used for something else before: I remember myself cutting out pictures of small children out of some magazine, when I was like 9 and putting them into the book. Then I wrote next to the pictures: "Mary, at her 6. Birthday!" Always names and a sentence discribing the picture in short. The stars beeing in the book the most are LaFee and Rihanna.