The GT is some kind of building in our city, where me and my class were forced to go once.

What the building isBearbeiten

The building is for our newspaper-writers. It´s written there, put together in the computer and even printed. I always thought of mabey becoming an reporter, but the conditions I heard about are nothing I want: Work from 8 o´clock in the morning to sometimes even midnight! I´m pretty sure I´ll never marry or have any kind of relationship, nobody would miss me in this time, but I´ve always needed time for my own, so that´s nothing for me.

How our trip wasBearbeiten

The trip was ok, I ecxpected it to be worse. It was no fun, but no nightmare, either. Standing outside the building was I guess the most terrible thing (I hate to be with my class, they´re such jerks), and they all talking about Marc´s new girlfriend... Inside was allright, we first watched a movie and than had a little guide through the print-rooms. As the machinery wasn´t on and nothing moved it was a little boring, but we saw a lot of big paper rolls arround.

Before the guide into the printer rooms, we had been separated, and our group was finished earlier, as the guide had take longer than thought, me and my friends had to go, while the second group hadn´t come back and we hadn´t made a disscussion yet. So, I, Karin and Celine had to go before the trip ended (none of us was sad), Karin had an important date, she didn´t want to miss and we hurried. Right next to the car of her mother, who should bring us back, we remebered Alice, still beeing in the building. She was in the second group and hadn´t finished yet. So we ran in again and the girls made me go in and ask for her. Of course it was embarrasing, but I don´t mind so much what jerks think (And I´m really thankful for that gift), so I just made Alice come with me and told Mrs. Corrisson, that we had to leave. And off we were...