I don´t believe you - is a song by P!nk, one of my favorite singers, about her and I guess her husband. In German it means "I don´t believe you".

Meaning of the songBearbeiten

I think P!nk sings about herself and her husband, because it´s not really working, with those two... as far as I knew, the had a lot of fights. So she doesn´t believe him, when he says he doesn´t need her anymore, it´s such a contrast to "So what", although they have a simular meaning, the way of music is so diffrent.


It´s totally black-white. P!nk is a left bride, in a long veil, sitting on a bed, going arround in the empty wedding party room, talks to herself in the mirror. I could only watch it without sound, because Blue called me and I thought it would be rude, if I listen to something, while talking to her one the phone, so I just watched and even reeled a bit, because without sound it was boring. This video is pretty good new idea and not at all typical for P!nk, it quite like it!

I Don't Believe You