For every single day in my life I´ll write down a song, an advice and a quote. This is the ultimative collection...


SDE = Short Diary Entry


30. Sunday

  • Song: The Climb - Miley Cyrus
  • Advice: "If you don´t know, how to go on, ask your loved ones..."
  • Example: That´s what I did, when I didn´t know, how to organize the project week...

31. Monday

  • Song: The Flood - Katie Melua
  • Advice: "If you can´t take the option you want, just try another..."
  • Example: I had to phone Blue in England and it didn´t work, so I tried it over Sally...


1. Tuesday

  • Song: "Come With Me To My Castle" - Aria from Don Govanni
  • Advice: "What terrible happened in the past, can even influence us now..."
  • Example: A bomb from the 2. Worldwar exploded in my hometown, I was afraid...

2. Wensday

  • Song: "Flinch" - Alanis Morissette
  • Adivce: "Don´t be angry about things you know, don´t really matter..."
    Katie Melua - The Flood 2
  • Example: I was angry because of a 3 - in art (in this time, my marks were never under 2) ...

3. Thursday

  • Song: "Chior Of The Prinsors" - ?
  • Advice: "If you don´t do your work properly, it will pay out later..."
  • Example: I didn´t learn any Math yesterday and had to learn 2 hours today...

4. Friday

5. Saturday

6. Sunday

7. Monday

8. Tuesday

  • Song: -
  • Advice: "Difficult problems can be solved easily, if you just listen closly..."
  • Example: It turned out, that Alice and Annet actually had no time to record "Happily Ever After" with us, later when I calculated the time again, it turned out they had time.

9. Wensday

  • Song: -
  • Advice: "Difficult Problems can be made easily, if you don´t listen closly..."
  • Example: It turned out, that Alice and Annet really had no time to record "Happily Ever After", because they would still have school that very day. (How the hell, shall we do it, without them??????? Mum, HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

10. Thursday

039 C48991~No-Doubt-Posters


11. Friday


12. Saturday

  • Song: "Don´t Speak" - No Doubt
  • Advice: "Do things when you have to, don´t wait until the very last chance!" / "Allthough a topic might not look interisting at first, but it could, if you look closer!"
  • Example: A mistakes everyone does. Always... / My older younger brother discovered that Matsuura Aya´s J-Pop isn´t that bad...

13. Sunday


14. Monday


15. Tuesday


16. Wensday


17. Thursday


18. Friday

  • Song: "This Time Tomorrow" - Marit Larsen
  • Advice: "Hard work is only paid out in movies and books..."
  • Example: Hell, I´ve worked so much for the project week, we finally finished, after a lot of problems and today were our video should have been shown, they file didn´t work somehow!!!

19. Saturday

  • Song: "Ghost Town" - Katie Melua
  • Adivce: "Say it, if you want or don´t want something!"
  • Example: Don´t need to give one, I guess... everyone understands this!

20. Sunday

  • Song: "Outta Space" - Venetain Princess
  • Advice: "You should plan important things early!"
  • Example: Ann had problems organizing her birthday, because she started inviting people one day before...

21. Monday

  • Song: "Womanizer" - Venetain Princess
  • Advice: "Don´t hide your hobbies or whatever you´re fond of..."
  • Example: I found it somehow embarrasing and hid from my mother, that I watched Venetain Princesses video´s... (Well, they´re partly exaggerated, but nothing to bee ashamed of! - I k-n-o-w!)

22. Tuesday

  • Song: "Our House" - Madness
  • Advice: "Don´t try to change nature, it´s impossible, accept it as it is..."
  • Example: I HATE IT to be on the rag... :(

23. Wensday

24. Thursday

  • Song: "Waka Waka" - Shakira
  • Advice: "Be careful, winning once, doesn´t mean winning always..."
  • Example: Germany very closly bet Ghana, well, it was 1:0, they played pretty bad this year, i don´t think they´ll get far, allthough I hope so...

25. Friday

  • Song: -
  • Advice: "Don´t tell a stranger to much about yourself..."
  • Example: "I chatted on ICQ and finally managed to do exactly that!"

26. Saturday


27. Sunday

  • Song: "Alice Underground" - Avril Lavigne
  • Advice: "Buy yourself a good laptop, than you are independent from the computers of other members of the family... -.-"
  • Example: I NEED one...

28. Monday

  • Song: -
  • Advice: Look 12.06.10 the first advice... it´s the same for today...
  • Example: "Need to clean up my room..."


Unknown Dates Following...


  • Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
  • Advice: Don´t imagen something too much, before you get there, it mostly is... completely diffrent!
  • Example: I thought that aunt Kathleen´s place would look diffrent... (Wasn´t too bad though)
  • Place I´m Staying At: Kathleen´s House





  • Song: On The Road Again - Katie Melua
  • Citation: -
  • SDE: I went to an big art museum with Kathleen and we ate ice cream in the city. I slept bad (I went to bed at 1:00 and woke at 7:00).
  • Place I´m Staying At: Kathleen´s Home




  • Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
  • Citation: "Please don´t say: Fascinating, now!" "Okay, it´s interisting!" McCoy - Spock - Star Trek (TOS)
  • SDE: Lazy Day... my older younger brother and me, we watched TOS and Shrek 2. We´ll celebrate my younger younger brother´s birthday tomorrow, allthough it´s not his real birthday... mum and dad have been invited to a party on the day, his real birthday is - I didn´t like to lie to my younger younger brother in this case (Because it´s so important to him...), but it´s one day earlier, he won´t complain.
  • Who´s on your mind today?: Guess who! - Pointy ears... :)

Unknown Date (Last Day in Beliga???)

  • Song: Funhouse - P!nk
  • Citation: Southamerika! - My Older Younger Brother
  • SDE: I didn´t sleep well. We cleaned the house and later went to a resturant by bike.
  • Dream: Kathleen owened a little castle, which she wanted to give to her son: Henry. She wondered, if she also should get a housekeeper to look after the castle and I had to encourage her and explain why she needed one (Henry wasn´t reliable at all in the dream and couldn´t have looked after the castle).
  • Who´s on your mind today?: -
  • Place I´m Staying At: House in Belgia



  • Song: A Happy Place - Katie Melua / You Learn - Alanis Morissette / Traveling - Utada Hikaru
  • SDE: We only had 6 lessons school, my best friend wanted to eat pizza with me after school... than she changed her mind...
  • Person I Thought Most Of Today: Pointy Ears... -.-
  • Person I Hated Most Today: Our Chemistry Teacher
  • Dream: I searched endlessly for Spock in a big shop, which als included a kinder garden. I only found a wrong one... -.-
  • Citation: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1