I know four good songs by Lily Allen, but good enough ones, to call her one of my favorite singers, I´d say...

How I found herBearbeiten

The famous karaoke programms... in this case not the one I got for birthday 2009, no, the one my friend Sally had (The one from Canada), a cool "Singstar" for Wii. The Song "The Fear" was on it, when Sally showed me it, I was sure I knew it. From the time I was a big radio listener, I´m sure I heard it there... however I first found the songs nice and than great! I also put it into my iTunes "library" or "collection" and was a big "Lily Allen" - Listener arround beginning of June 2010.



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Good Placed SongsBearbeiten

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  • 22 (Place 10 in June 2010)
  • 22 (Place 11 in August 2010)
  • The Fear (Place 20 in August)


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