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Miley Cyrus was a very popular singer, when I was arround 13. I was quite a fan of her from 2010 to about ?.

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Of course I had heard of Miley Cyrus, before becoming fond of her music. Actually I didn´t like her much first, I knew she was popular and had (at least a first) a repuation, which showed her like "the sweet girl from next door" and "much caring about the poor" (Of course, which that much money...). Well, I liked her person, because I thought she was like everyone said, but I didn´t know her music and didn´t call myself a fan (arround 2008 / 2009). My first contact with her music was not much later, when Blue and I listened to her song "The Climb" on YouTube and watched the video. We both found it average and the video boring, so I looked spectical, when another friend called Jeanne said she was a fan of Miley Cyrus.

At some time I checked YouTube for people covering songs from stars and also found "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley very often. Didn´t find the song very interisting, though... the first time I really got in touch with her music and started liking it was at the sisters-meeting in 2010. Claire had a CD of Miley with her: "Time Of Our Lifes". We used "The Climb" in a movie made, while the meeting on a long weekend and I started liking it, wondering why I hadn´t before... Fast I was listing to the CD as often as I could, beside the Alanis Morissette CD I had with me ("Under Rug Swept" just bought by my mum for me... I love her for that present !!!). At the last day, I asked Claire, if I could borrow the CD and she said "Yes". As soon as I was at home, I downloaded every song!


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