I have put Nelly Furtado into the part "favorite singer", allthough she hasn´t got only good stuff. Allthough talented she´s doing quite emberrassing stuff, still...
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How I found her? Can´t really remeber actually... of course I knew songs ("Like A Bird" and "All Good Things") by her from the radio, but not that many... The first time I got in contact with one of her albums, was when Fanny brought me one: "Whoa! Nelly" (In 2009...I think...). We listened to it together and I borrowed it to download the songs. Somehow I still had it in 2010, because none of us thought much of the CD... I felt kind of bad and selfish about that, but was to lazy to surch for it. Back to Nelly Furtado, I liked the songs "Hey Man", "Like A Bird" and some other from the CD, allthough it´s pretty one-sided.

Later Blue showed me the song "Try" from Nelly´s album "Folklore", which we both liked very much very soon and still did in 2010. I listened to it over and over again (It´s still a sweet song ... "100 essential love songs" ...) and through it also found "Powerless" and "All good things" again.



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