Now Is The Time is the second album, by my one of my favorite singers: Alanis Morissette. It´s from 1995 or so, back than she only called herself "Alanis", did a diffrent music style, mostly "Pop" (Only her voice was already good back than, and was less succsessfull). In German the album title means: "Jetzt ist die Zeit" / "Jetzt ist es soweit". I didn´t posses the CD and didn´t think of buying it in 2010, when I was a big Alanis-Listener. All I know from is, is only O.K., and not really worth it. I like her "newer" stuff sooooo much more! The songs from this albums are mostly earworms.


  1. Real World
  2. An Emotion Away
  3. Rain
  4. The Time Of Your Life
  5. No Apologies
  6. Can´t Deny
  7. When We Meet Again
  8. Give Me What You Got
  9. (Change is) Never A Waste Of Time
  10. Big, Bad Love


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