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P!nk, as I guess you know, is a pop-singer from the United States. I can´t call myself a real specialst, but I´d say she´s a pretty good singer.

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Somewhere arround the 22. - 26.03.10. I was just listening to the radio, because my own CD-Player was broken and I had borrowed the one of my older younger brother, I heard the song "Dear Mr. President", which I have always loved. I remeber myself, a few years ago, recording the song with our smaller camera and showing it to mum and asking her to translate it, because my english was very bad, back then.

In the second week, my family and another switched houses and I used the computer there, to work on the Arina Tanemura Wiki and to listen to music. Suddenly the song "Dear Mr. President" came to my mind and I listened to it. And after that to a few others, I noticed (it was the same with Kelly Clarkson) that I had heard most of them before and just didn´t recognized them as P!nk - Songs.

On the 07.04.10, which is the day I write this, and the day before, when we were back home, I recorded the songs from the internet with the "Audiorecorder".



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