I didn´t posses the album by Alanis Morissette in 2010, but had a few songs in iTunes. In my opinion the style in the album is a little diffrent (And she cut her hair short!!!), to the ones before, but Alanis changed back to her old way again. The title of the album means (in German): So-Genanntes Chaos, the only album, which is named after the title of a song, not of some part of the lyrics by Alanis.


  1. 8 Easy Steps
  2. Out Is Through
  3. Excuses
  4. Doth I Protest To Much?
  5. Knees Off My Bees
  6. Not All Me
  7. So-Called Chaos
  8. This Grudge
  9. Spineless
  10. Everything