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I didn´t posses this album by Alanis Morissette in 2010 , when I wrote this, I only had a few songs in iTunes. In German the album title means: Vermeintlicher ehemaliger Verbledungs - Abhängiger (Funny title...). Alanis always takes her title from some lyrics in one of her songs, this one is out of "So Pure".


  1. Front Row
  2. Baba
  3. Thank U
  4. Are You Still Mad
  5. Sympathetic Character
  6. That I Would Be Good
  7. The Couch
  8. Can´t Not
  9. UR
  10. I Was Hoping
  11. One
  12. Would Not Come
  13. Unsent
  14. So Pure
  15. Joining You
  16. Heart Of The House
  17. Your Congratulations


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  • Album Of The Month (OAO: Place 3 in August 2010)

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